Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memorable moments..


i know its been a few months since i've updated my blog..
so here's one before the end of the year..

just a recap of some memorable moments with my bf this year..

went to genting with bb this year before he started work in May..

somehow, we didnt managed to go to the theme park =\

this was us in some magic show that i booked online..

and this is bb piggy backing me ..:)

ice cream we had at the buffet that i booked also..

and this was probably the most memorable moment of all..

we had a last game token.. so we decided to spin the wheel of fortune..
where there is a no prize, small prize, medium prize..
and of cause.. only 1 big prize..
and guess wad? me n bb kana big prize :)

we were shouting like some mad kids -.-"

this was probably one of the more memorable events in the year..
times we spend at genting were just so relaxing..
we gambled away all our money..
lol.. but it was an eye opening experience..
well.. money that lost cant be bought back.. but can be earned back..
so thats not so bad..
still have many photos but blogger is like kinda slow uploading it..zzz

im really thankful for his love n care that he showers on me..
no doubt sometimes.. he can be hot tempered..
but he has taught me to be more giving..
being with him.. i;ve changed alot...
i used to that kind of gf where i will kp if my bf like mia frm me..
but in recent months.. we rarely quarrel..
only have little arguments..
he's so busy with work..
it makes me miss him more..
to the extend that whenever we meet up..
i dont feel like quarreling..
we meet like once to twice a week only..
even when he has to game..
i try my best to be supportive.. and ask about the things he is interested in..
whenever he's tired.. he comes home and sleep straight..
though we dont spend much time tgt..
but i dont mind just letting him lie beside me..
seeing that he's so tired.. really makes me heart pain..
he has also change to become a better person for me..
i was really surprised when he got me a xmas gift..
because he;s not usually the sweet kind..
he pushed away his friends to be with me for xmas..
which is something i really appreciate..
we had like pig organ + duck rice for our xmas so called dinner
haha on saving mode for our upcoming trip!!!
den we were singing like 2 mad idiots in e car..
i love times like these with bb :)

times where we will just laugh non stop..
about wad... i also dono ? lol.

of cause.. there was this rough patch in our relationship..
that he once told me.. the feelings are different already..
i saw it through his actions.. and can really feel..
that we were drifting..
that was the point of time.. that i really try to talk to him
in a matured way rather den quarreling..
eventually.. we found our way back into this relationship..
and things got better from there..

he even applied leave and bought genting tickets for me :)


you know its not easy for 2 persons to put down their past and be tgt..
but we;ve done that..
his luck aint really good this year..
and we went through so much rough times together..
with 2011 coming to an end..
i just hope that 2012 will be a much smoother year for him and family :)



Saturday, August 27, 2011

The first time u started a conversation.. U were wearing long sleeve black top n a black 3/4 pants! The first time our lips met.. U were wearing a man u jersey n jeans.

I still rmb everything. It's not tt I notice wad u wear . Its because I can rmb how clearly de scenes re enact .. Most importantly I nv forget anything tts related to u..direct opposite of u. U don't even recall the slightest thing about me at times. :/

I really miss how we used to be.. Or rather I think I just miss how crazy I felt u were over me..

Really dono wad to do to make myself feel better n stop these tears anymore..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I still remember the first time we went nana after work. I asked for ice. Our first kiss. ;)

Reading the letter over n over again.. Looking at our pictures n remembering all the stupid silly stuffs we did. :)

I'll always b there for u. With u. :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hun, why are u breathing so loudly when u're asleep?! Lol. U're making so much weird noises n sleep talking nonsense. Watching u sleep makes me happy:)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Just updated with loads of funny shit. Lol

Happy reading:)